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Below the Top 1000, Part 8 (Boys)

As we near the weekend, how about some rare baby names?  These are just some of the names that were each bestowed upon only 70-89 baby boys in the U.S. last year, according to data from the Social Security Administration.  Next week’s post will be about girls’ names in the same range!  

  • 85-89: Auden, Dyland, Triston, Angus, Obed, Aspen, Benito, Charleston, Job, Lazaro, Shalom, Casper, Lenox, Nehemias, Om, Chancellor, Jamarcus, Miguelangel
  • 80-84: Baker, Hamilton, Paris, Stuart, Aharon, Callahan, Carsten, Jairus, Omarion, Clive, Orrin, Rafe, Rivers, Anish, Brant, Ezio, Shannon, Sky, Boyd, Kipton, Morrison, Neo, Ocean
  • 75-79: Abe, Cadence, Luc, Sire, Amen, Braelyn, Calder, Geoffrey, Herbert, Warner, Gerson, Marion, Olivier, Raleigh, Valor, Arius, Hampton, Knowledge, Michelangelo, Sanjay, Ammon, Augustin, Giorgio
F. Scott Fitzgerald, very likely namesake!
  • 70-74: Barron, Eben, Flint, Johnson, Juanpablo, Kharter, Wylie, Zacharias, Ciaran, Dyson, Fitzgerald, Indiana, Leander, Shiv, Sylvester, Willis, Ashwin, Dempsey, Gracen, Lemuel, Madison, Mahmoud, Sunny, Zavian, Abiel, Marquez, Roscoe, Dixon, Kekoa, Ozzy, Patton, Shia, Zylen

What do you think of these names? 

Side note – I personally noticed a lot of movie-related names, like Marion (Marion Morrison, a.k.a. John Wayne), (Laurence) Olivier, Shia (LeBoeuf) Clive (Owen), Indiana (Jones), (Patrick) Dempsey, Sylvester (Stallone), (Bruce) Willis, Casper (as in the Ghost) and Neo (from the Matrix).  Honorable mentions: Johnson (there’s an old movie called Jeremiah Johnson), Patton (also a movie, about the general), Hamilton (Broadway musical about Alexander Hamilton), and Fitzgerald (if you really love Midnight in Paris and a certain writer). 

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Lightly updated May 7, 2017

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