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Below the Top 1000, Part 7 (Girls)

Happy Friday everyone!  It’s time for the weekly post of rare American baby names from last year (2015).  Today, I list many of the names that were given to between 90 and 119 baby girls.  This data comes from the Social Security Administration.

  • 115-119: Indigo, Liah, Santana, Yasmeen, Channing, Cleo, Emmarie, Gitty, Rhiannon, Amal, Aviva, Carol, Georgiana, Isis, Kingsley, Margaux, Samaya, Arleth, Blanca, Emberly, Justyce, Navy, Arwen, Edie, Hensley, Magdalene, Tala
  • 110-114: Jaylani, Jessalyn, Lucero, Oakleigh, Xitlali, Brea, Colleen, Asiya, Echo, Kalina, Mariel, Shoshana, Viktoria, Soleil, Brittney, Maelynn, Tanvi, Zaina
  • 105-109: Chiara, Jadyn, Katia, Kristin, Violetta, Berkeley, Ever, Jaslynn, Lois, Love, Adalynne, Faigy, Khadijah, Mona, Taelynn, Hollis, Italia, Marisa, Yolanda, Beatriz, Jacelyn, Jamila, Juana, Yusra
  • 100-104: Aditi, Artemis, Coralie, Rocio, Roselynn, Yael, Jacie, Lettie, Memphis, Valencia, Acacia, Laina, Oriana, Dora, Justine, Lluvia, Monique, Rania, Fabiola, Irelynn, Marianne
  • 95-99: Italy, Joan, Lula, Lux, Merida, Mirabelle, Aminata, Aoife, Aveline, Iva, Kerrigan, Ansleigh, Dream, Ines, Loyalty, Ripley, Afton, Emmaleigh, Irina, Jeanette, Billie, Joanne, Lailani, Sabine, Xochitl, Zyla
  • 90-94: Amerie, Aura, Naia, Sabina, Citlali, Devorah, Kelis, Rain, Taylee, Terra, Xena, Pippa, Star, Brynnlee, Isobel, Majesty, Sanvi, Adah, Avonlea, Eiza, Gaia, Lourdes, Maddox, Rosalinda, Sybil

What do you think of these names?  Do you have any favorites or even least-favorites?  Please comment below! 

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