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Below the Top 1000 Part 6 (Boys)

Hi everyone!  It’s been a very busy week with some terrible tornado-inducing weather to boot.  As it is, I’ve been dormant here for a few days.  But…I’m baaack!  And, it’s time for the weekly post of names below the top 1000. 🙂

To recap, I have been selecting some of the rare names actually given to American babies last year and putting them in a blog post.  Every May, the Social Security Administration releases the 1000 most popular boys’ and girl’s baby names from the previous year.  What many people don’t realize is that the SSA also releases extended data including every name bestowed in that year (with very few exceptions) down to a minimum of 5 babies.  That is where I derive the information for this series of posts.

Today I am posting some of the first names (no data for middle names, sadly) that were bestowed on between 90 and 119 baby boys in 2015! 

  • 115-119: Austen, Rome, Braxtyn, Onyx, Thor, Leyton, Pharaoh, Zephaniah, Clint, Lazarus, Noam, Syncere, Zakariya, Zeus, Hiram, Yeshua
  • 110-114: Akeem, Canyon, Cecil, Loki, Ramses, Tyrese, Giuseppe, Jethro, Savion, Tegan, Alexandre, Courtney, Everest, Marek, Bronx, Clifton, Grayden, Judd
  • 105-109: Bailey, Cedar, Rigoberto, Tiberius, Wolfgang, Lloyd, Dov, Fynn, Kaius, Monte, Britton, Jones, Marcelino, Banks, Damoni, Yakov
  • 100-104: Fischer, Henley, Stryker, Zaine, Arnav, Azriel, Caspian, Dwight, Rio, Montgomery, Ransom, Vernon, Zakai, Gareth, Henri, Myron, Ambrose, Amias, Brigham, Jaquan, Lester, Marko, Osiris, Steele
  • 95-99: Braulio, Evander, Luther, Bjorn, Chester, Ender, Jaleel, Roan, Theron, Gentry, Aurelio, Fidel, Heriberto, Hyrum, Arnold, Micaiah, Patricio, Tremaine
  • 90-94: Aiyden, Arrow, Eliam, Phineas, Tariq, Ike, Alexandro, Bane, Genesis, Jules, Kirk, Leopold, Nikita, Atharv, Caesar, Constantine, Kainoa, Lars, Obadiah, Teddy, Hansel, Jacques, Lucio, Remi, Rockwell, Stellan

What do you think of these names?  Have any favorites?

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