Short and Sweet Baby Names

As much as I personally love long and complicated names like Terpsichore and Agamemnon (or even Isabella and Christopher) they can be too long and complicated for some.  Thankfully, there are plenty of great one- and two-syllable names that are very easy to remember!  Here’s a list of some of them:

  • Classic and Traditional (non-Biblical*): Emma, Edith, Grace, Cora, Maud, Ida, Jane, Leila, Henry, George, Alan, Karl, Hugh, Leo, Milo, Otto
  • Biblical: Hannah, Mary, Sarah, Eve, Adah, Leah, SaraiZillah, Martha, Jael, Ruth, Dinah, Tamar, Abel, James, Noah, John, Ezra, Eli, Paul, Asa, Job, Enoch, Ira, Jair, Joel, Luke, Seth, Jacob
  • Mythology: Nyx, Pax, LunaBast, Dido, Lux, Clio, Maeve, Gauri, Hera, Juno, Io, Kali, Saga, Ajax, Zeus, Ares, Bran, Thor, Atlas, Loki, Finn, Kai, Mars, Rama, Lugh, Ra
  • Nicknames: Lula, Meg, Mae, Bee, Dot, Elle, Kate, Fran, Lou, Kel, Jack, Jem, Fred, Jake, Matt, Alf
  • Modern: Jade, Zuri, Ava, Cher, Jazz, Fort, Ace, Dax
  • Titles: Queen, Duke, King, Earl, Prince, Dean
  • Surnames: Parke, Lee, Reese, Blair, Knox, Lewis, Reid, Clay, Fox, Grant
  • Nature: Jade, Rose, Sky, Olive, Dale, Garnet, Ash, Oak, Park

What do you think of these names?  Are there any others or categories that you’d like to see in a future post?

*I separated the Biblical names from the other classic/traditional names because there are so many of them that they need their own category…plus occasionally a Bible name will only recently have come into popular use (Jair and Sarai are good examples). 

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