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Below the Top 1000, Part 3 (Girls)

Each week I have been posting about some of the names below the top 1000; that is, rare names given to actual babies in the U.S. in 2015.  Just because they’re rare doesn’t mean they aren’t trendy; many of these names are rising in usage and some may enter (or reenter) the top 1000 within a few years.  Others have become outdated and suffer a long decline.

This week’s post regards the girls’ names in the range of 150-199 uses.  Not all names from that range are included here; this is simply a selection. 

Girls names in the 150-199 range

  • 190-199: Annabeth, Coral, Soraya, Sanaa, Denver, Egypt, Delia, Anneliese, Nahla, Nellie, Eisley, Estefania, Karis, Brisa, Belinda, Cassie, Lorena, Audra, Britney, Susanna
  • 180-189: Agnes, Christiana, Margo, Nalani, Rita, Viola, Vida, Betty, Milagros, Skylynn, Meera, Aida, Bellamy, Blessing, Shirley, Maite
  • 170-179: Harriet, Samiya, Clover, Kyrie, Reece, Roxanne, Linnea, Brinlee, Guinevere, Luella, Rihanna, Evelina, Persephone, Petra, Flora, Octavia, Zoya, Arantza, Capri, Emiliana, Sofie, Grecia, Marcella, Priya
  • 160-169: Calista, Isadora, Shaylee, Areli, Silvia, Elissa, Janie, Jazzlyn, Shreya, Pamela, Tesla, Yaretzy, Elinor, Keziah, Legacy, Zahara, Haddie, Maribel, Salem, Damaris, Litzy, Gretchen, Mariella
  • 150-159: Annabell, Dariana, Donna, Ida, Judy, Saoirse, Alba, Dior, Lincoln, Tallulah, Dina, Essence, Rowyn, Winifred, Eleanora, Evangelina, Marin, Ashanti, Leticia, Raleigh, Zella, Aniston, Maura, Naima, Bernadette, Ayesha, Beverly, Blythe, Mireya, Adalie, Avalon, Jael, Suri

What do you think of these names?

Screen Shot 2016-05-27 at 11.44.17 AM

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One thought on “Below the Top 1000, Part 3 (Girls)

  1. Love a lot of the names on this list! I’ve never heard Essence used as a name before; I like it. And Tesla! Just yesterday I was thinking what a great name that would be. Cool and different, plus Nikola Tesla makes a worthy namesake.

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