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Fancy Frederica

Here’s a name you don’t see often!  Frederica is an ultra-rare feminine form of Frederick, but she has some history.  Frederica Charlotte was the wife of Prince Frederick, second son of King George III and Queen Charlotte. 

Frederica Charlotte, Duchess of York

Earlier this week I read Lady Susan, a short and obscure Jane Austen novel that was just released in cinemas as a movie called “Love and Friendship.”  Lady Susan herself is intelligent, conniving, adulterous, and recently widowed.  She has one child, a teenager by the name of Frederica.  Mother and child do not have a good relationship by any means; Susan hates her daughter, whom she considers dull, and regarding Frederica her main concern is marrying her off (even and especially against her will).  Frederica, however, is shown to be a sweet, bookish girl who’s terrified of her mother.  I can’t wait to see the film, but I have to wonder if this is a case where reading the book before seeing the movie was a bad idea!  

Frederica Vernon, from my reading, seems like she could be a decent namesake; I am curious as to whether the movie will give her name a boost.  With the many thousands of names that appeared in the SSA data in 2015, Frederica was not one of them.  Her last appearance was in 2013, with only 5 uses.  Frederica hasn’t ever been a very popular name in the U.S., and while there are a few years in the late 19th-century and early 20th century where she made it into the top 1000, such years were sporadic.  But, it’s definitely possible that having a recognizable pop culture influence will cause the name to experience even just a little resurgence. 

Furthermore, I think Frederica has nickname potential:

  • Freddie
  • Edie
  • Rickie/Rikki
  • Derry
  • Freya
  • Free
  • Fritzi

I would love to see this name make a comeback.  What do you think of Frederica? 

Bonus: The actress playing Frederica is named Morfydd (!!!).  Now *that* is a name I’d like to see in use.   

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