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Below the top 1000, Part 2 (Boys)

Each week I will be writing one post on baby names that were below the top 1000 in 2015.  These posts will be in descending order from most common to least common, alternating by gender. The data I examine is publicly available from the Social Security Administration.  Their names webpage is here, for the interested.

The #1000 boys’ name in 2015 was Antoine, registering 202 uses.  There were a couple other names used as many times, but SSA ranks alphabetically when confronted with equally-used names.

Here are some of the names that are teeming just beneath the surface! 

  • 200-202 range: Harris, Harlem, Simeon, Taj
  • 190-199: Clinton, Semaj, Jericho, Abner, Keanu, Ramiro, Eliezer, Ira, Foster, Alistair, Fox, Randall, Westley, Howard, Cortez, Garrison, Merrick
  • 180-189: Gilberto, Darien, Tadeo, Denzel, Leif, Octavio, Roderick, Wesson, Imran, Lyle, Ralph, Alaric, Demarcus, Clarence, Elvis, Ulysses
  • 170-179: Gerard, Aston, Jaxx, Cormac, Dashiell, Nigel, Edmund, Tyrell, Izayah
  • 160-169: Joan, Menachem, Pierre, Shlomo, Damarion, Gonzalo, Cristobal, Finnian, Gus, Davon, Linus, Lucien, Ronaldo
  • 150-159: Hakeem, Tiago, Broderick, Shimon, Ansel, Dhruv, Ledger, Ross, Thorin, Brogan, German, Jean, Smith, Stone, Adler, Aries, Lyndon, Wallace, Addison, Cornelius, Milton, Benedict, Carmine, Zack 

What do you think of these names?  If you would also like to read Part 1 (girls’ names) and have not yet, you may read it here.

Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 9.49.47 AM

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