American Names

Unusual Names in the 26-30 Range (Boys)

Finally, the boys’ list.  These names were given to between 26 and 30 boys in the U.S. back in 2014.  It’s a really interesting set!

30: Amias, Aristotle, Banner, Canton, Casimir, Dimas, Dodge, Eamonn, Elimelech, Ezriel, Kolson, Macen, Mackenzie, Malique, Matthieu, Maximilliano, Mehdi, Odysseus, Pinchas, Randal

29: Alasdair, Aldon, Alexi, Braddock, Carlin, Edwyn, Enmanuel, Espen, Gryphon, Hillel, Kirin, Lyon, Oakland, Romero, Vincente, Walt, Ward

28: Adi, Alias, Bauer, Cashmere, Champ, Cordero, Ellington, Emeric, Etienne, Faustino, Flavio, Garner, Homer, Jennings, Lior, Mercer, Rooney, Seeley, Severin, Walden, Wilfred, Yeshaya

27: Alexey, Alphonso, Asiel, Azarias, Burton, Cage, Cloud, Dillinger, Dirk, Euan, Fabrizio, Jabez, Jeanluc, Jeb, Majesty, Manolo, Novak, Oswald, Oz, Rhythm, Tallon, Tito, Vladislav, Wrigley, Yareth, Yechezkel

26: Alphonse, Arun, Asaph, Atley, Beauregard, Bogdan, Boy, Captain, Cleveland, Cord, Crispin, Donato, Egan, Fallon, Harbor, Hartley, Jacinto, Jebediah, Jetson, Kenyan, Klaus, Manasseh, Quintus, Richmond, Sevastian, Thad, Thaddaeus, Timur, Uri, Vivek, Zebulon


  • Banner – Most likely because of Bruce Banner A.K.A the Hulk.
  • Canton – If intended as a geographical/political feature, I’d call this unique.
  • Kolson – I feel that this might be a Marvel-influenced name, but I don’t think it’s spelled that way in that universe.
  • Odysseus – This is equally surprising and not surprising.  I guess I’ll never get over the amazement of seeing a rare Ancient Greek or Biblical name within the data!
  • Espen – Probably a phonetic variant of Espn…I guess a television network’s standard abbreviation isn’t ‘namey’ enough, lol.
  • Homer – Considering the usage levels of Odysseus and Achilles, I imagine that Homer’s not used more because of Homer Simpson. 
  • Seeley – as in Seeley Booth, a character in the show Bones.  One of the few TV programs I watch, actually. 
  • Cage – Immediate thoughts of Nicolas Cage.  I hope these boys aren’t the brunt of too many “One True God” jokes or “Cagey” puns. :/
  • Jeanluc – Picard!
  • My favorites: Amias, Aristotle, Casimir, Elimelech, Matthieu, Odysseus, Alasdair, Emeric, Etienne, Seeley, Severin, Walden, Alphonso, Jabez, Alphonse, Asaph, Beauregard, Crispin, Manasseh, Quintus, Richmond, Thaddaeus, Zebulon

What do you think?  This is the last of the rare names from 2014 that I’ll post before the new data is released.  Stay tuned for the 2015 names!

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