American Names

Unusual Names in the 26-30 Range (Girls)

Here are names that were given to American baby girls between 26 and 30 times in 2014.  I think this range will be the final range I delve into before the 2015 stats come out. 

Some of these are very modern and look like they were probably invented within the last few years.  Others are older ladies waiting for revival!  Anyway, here they are:

30: Aline, Auriella, Avelynn, Bowie, Chantelle, Charissa, Cherokee, Deliah, Dempsey, Fanny, Fiorella, Galilee, Ginny, Glenda, Gloriana, Ishanvi, Jeannette, Lavina, Madelaine, Mahalia, Marigold, Melrose, Muriel, Nara, Nubia, Oliva, Posey, Rhys, Sadia, Sunni, Thais, Viviane, Zina, Zurisadai

29: Addilee, Adelaine, Annamaria, Arlie, Athziri, Audrielle, Avaline, Ayan, Charm, Corinna, Cruz, Cypress, Darling, Divinity, Doreen, Dreya, Edelyn, Evelyne, Favor, Freedom, Georgette, Idalia, Janine, Julian, Menucha, Meryl, Penina, Seraphine, Shailene, Tzipora, Winslow

28: Albany, Arrow, Consuelo, Delta, Elisabet, Esma, Essie, Hendrix, Joud, Kerri, Kimiko, Lenox, Leonie, Maison, Marvel, Mica, Nona, Orla, Peace, Samar, Seneca, Suhayla, Suzie, Yazleemar

27: Aissatou, Alaila, Amity, Annalea, Anvita, Aylee, Bibiana, Brazil, Brooks, CathleenChastity, Courtlyn, Darcie, Daya, Dorothea, Elma, Envy, Gigi, Guiliana, January, Joycelyn, Leighann, Livie, Maddalena, Magdalen, Neena, Nydia, Ora, Remedy, Romi, Sera, Sophiah, Stephania, Xoe

26: Ashby, Basya, Betsabe, Bruchy, Celestina, Evangelia, Florencia, Germani, Gwendolynn, Heiress, Indica, Jacinta, Joely, Juna, Marietta, Mecca, Mireille, Mulan, Rogue, Tempest, Zuleyma


  • Bowie – it’s not going to happen in 2015, but do expect David Bowie (R.I.P) to cause this name to rise in 2016.  If Bowie appears to have risen in the 2015 data, it’s likely because of bowie knifes. 
  • Galilee Galilea is a top 1000 name right now, and I wonder if that helps Galilee’s usage.
  • Muriel – I wonder if we’ll see this start to rise now that old-fashioned names are fashionable.
  • Sunni – Probably a variant of Sunny, and not named after Sunni Islam. 
  • Corinna – I learned last week that Corinna was an Ancient Greek female poet!  Maybe add this one to the list of feminist names?  
  • Edelyn – I’m pretty sure this is a modern invention but it has an old charm that Adelyn does not.
  • Julian – so, Julian is actually a very old unisex name.  Julian of Norwich was a medieval writer; her  Revelations of Divine Love is the first known female-written book in the English language. 
  • Joud – I think this is supposed to be said like “Jude
  • Maison – Probably a variant of Mason, but could be from the French word for “house.
  • Marvel – If the superhero genre continues to be as big as it is now, expect to see a lot more baby Marvels.
  • When spelled Micah, I think Biblical.  When spelled Mica, I think minerals.
  • Seneca – Usually this reminds me of the male Roman writer, but then I realized that this could commemorate the Seneca Falls Convention.
  • Envy – add to the list of baby name no-nos, along with Violence and Tyrrany.
  • Guiliana – The way Giuliana is spelled here, I have two thoughts: the word “guile” and Julia Gulia.
  • Xoe – Plot twist, the ‘x’ doesn’t make it more Greek.
  • Celestina – For a rare Harry Potter name (Celestina Warbeck) this is used surprisingly often!
  • Germani – oddly more common than Germany, which I believe appeared in the 21-25 range.
  • Mulan – I don’t even know what to say here…merely surprised! 
  • Favorites: Ginny, Gloriana, Jeannette, Madelaine, Mahalia, Marigold, Thais, Avaline, Corinna, Edelyn, Evelyne, Favor, Georgette, Seraphine, Amity, Dorothea, Maddalena, Magdalen, Stephania, Betsabe, Celestina, Florencia, Mireille, Tempest

What do you think? 

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