American Names

Rare Names: The 21-25 Range (Boys)

These are names that were given to between 21 and 25 American baby boys in 2014.  Some of these are rather old-fashioned; especially the Bible names (i.e. Zedekiah).  There are also a few gender-benders in here (i.e. Artemis) and several violent names (Kutter, Trigger, etc.).  Most interesting about this set are all the astronomy names (Kepler, Sirius, etc.).  All in all, this is a fairly tame set compared to the others I’ve posted lately, and I don’t have as many comments about the names.

25: Arsenio, Artemis, Becket, Branch, Charlton, Copper, Coulter, Cypress, Drexel, Enos, Ernie, Jaaziel, Jehu, Jens, Kepler, Kutter, Lucan, Markos, Michel, Pietro, Race, Raider, Roper, Shaw, Sid, Tycho, Ulisses, Zedekiah, Zeno

24: Aceson, Carder, Ciro, Conlan, Eoghan, Finneas, Gaspar, Geo, Hays, Judge, Leviathan, Rawley, Reeves, Rutledge, Shlome, Sirius, Sully, Tobiah, Trigger, Trustin, Urban, Zadkiel, Zadok

23: Adrain, Ami, Artemio, Bain, Bosco, Bruin, Cainan, Cass, Champion, Christ, Corinthian, Creek, Elia, Ferdinand, Filiberto, Fionn, Gaetano, Golden, Helios, Hesston, Joab, Joy, Kairos, Kofi, Lazar, Linkyn, Loic, Padraig, Philippe, Platon, Prescott, Rigby, Rowland, Royalty, Sailor, Wilbur, Wynston, Zacarias

22: Becker, Cassiel, Cotton, Cove, Denzell, Diamond, Dierks, Erasmo, Gershon, Hal, Halo, Jeziel, Joachim, Kanye, Kodiak, Lael, Langdon, Laramie, Lauro, Legion, Maks, Menashe, Mosiah, Navy, Nils, Noland, Olaf, Pangiotis, Pharrell, Rees, Rigel, Siddhartha, Stacy, Thierry, Vir, Walton

21: Ajax, Callaway, Cardell, Carlyle, Cary, Celso, Elgin, Huckleberry, Igor, Jedi, Laszlo, Maxfield, Md, Montreal, Nels, Newton, Odell, Payne, Princeston, Ripley, Rosendo, Sanders, Torsten, Uzziel, Vasilios


  • Leviathan – This is like naming your kid Cerberus.
  • Considering that Age of Ultron was a 2015 movie, don’t be surprised if Pietro goes up somewhat (Pietro Maximoff)
  • It’s kind of funny that Tycho and Kepler would be used with the same frequency
  • Zeno – There was recently a Joyce Carol Oates character named Zeno, whose children were named Juliet and Cressida.  I don’t know that book (called Carthage) was popular enough to elicit any extra usage in 2015, but you never know.  I’ll check back on this name in the 2015 data once that’s out.  More likely, any extra usage will derive from the fact that this name is from Ancient Greek history. 
  • Siriusly surprised to see Sirius used as much as it was!
  • VirVir is literally the Latin word for “man.”  The new Karl, perhaps?
  • Rigel – Another astronomy name to go with Sirius!
  • Jedi – I feel like this could be a really good nickname for Jedidiah
  • Md – Is this short for Maryland or did they name their kid “Doctor?”  “Wm” for a new generation.
  • Princeston – There’s a certain irony about misspelling the name of an Ivy League institution. 
  • Ajax – Considering the trendiness of Ancient Greek names, I wonder if this will start to rise in usage or if being a brand-name will continue to keep it down
  • My favorites, in order of appearance: Enos, Ernie, Jehu, Zedekiah, Zeno, Gaspar, Sirius, Tobiah, Urban, Zadok, Ferdinand, Helios, Padraig, Prescott, Erasmo, Joachim, Langdon, Olaf, Rigel, Ajax, Laszlo, Uzziel

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