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Unique Baby Names with 10 Uses or Fewer (Boys)

Yesterday I singled out some of the many girls’ names that were used between 5 and 10 times in 2014.  Today, the boys’ names!  Although females’ names as a whole are more unique, I personally found more names I liked within the males’ names in this range.  Again, you may be shocked, and you may only use these for characters.  They would be fantastic to see on actual people, though. 

10: Adlai, Aldric, Ambrosio, Archimedes, Ashe, Aureliano, Barnaby, Bartholomew, Colm, Constantin, Devereaux, Horatio, Inigo, Issachar, Ivo, Kipling, Kratos, Maurizio, Midas, Parke, Philopater, Prosper, Psalm, Ramesses, Romulo, Socrates, Spiro, Thorne, Thorsten, Woody, Yitzhak, Zeal

9: Adagio, Alcides, Anubis, Aodhan, Apollos, Aristides, Calogero, Chaos, Dionysios, Dom, Edgard, Eldridge, Finnbar, Isadore, Macarius, Norbert, Owain, Ruairi, Tesla, Yves

8: Acheron, Adonias, Alban, Albion, Alfie, Algernon, Anselm, Chiron, Colman, Doyle, Dudley, Gustaf, Hamlet, Jago, Meshach, Nicanor, Oberon, Prometheus, Riordan, Samwise, Sherlock, Sigmund, Stanislaw, Taliesin, Whitfield, Zaccheus, Zebedee, Zeph

7: Alastor, Artemus, Asahel, Baptiste, Bertram, Bran, Chamberlain, Deucalion, Eleazer, Elishua, Eustace, Grantham, Ingram, Ivor, Justinian, Livingston, Llewellyn, Ludwig, Naaman, Pius, Triumph, Tudor

6: Absalom, Acamas, Ademar, Benedikt, Bertrand, Carroll, Cicero, Constantinos, Desiderio, Dionysus, Drago, Ezekiah, Fitzwilliam, Gershom, Granville, Grisham, Hades, Hawthorn, Iago, Kenaniah, Naphtali, Ollivander, Osborne, Osric, Ossian, Peregrine, Phinneas, Severiano, Sylvanus, Temujin, Thackery, Thales, Torstein, Willoughby, Zed

5: Abednego, Alvar, Aristotelis, Athanasius, Bayard, Bela, Blessed, BonifacioCayetano, Cosimo, Cosmas, Decimus, Denys, Destined, Donal, Edsel, Emmeric, Frasier, Gerhard, Hannes, Harald, Harvest, Heathcliff, Hermann, Hirsch, Icarus, Jerzy, Ludovic, Manfred, Marcellino, Melquisedec, Remus, Rolf, Sascha, Severus, Seymour, Spartacus, Spyridon, Tarquin, Umberto, Valdemar, Valiant, Waldemar, Waldo, Wolfram

So, what do you think of these names?  A few of these are my all-time favorites, like Horatio, Severus, and Absalom.   Biblical, Ancient Mediterranean, surnames, literature…these kind of lists show there is an infinite range of names one can use!

5 thoughts on “Unique Baby Names with 10 Uses or Fewer (Boys)

  1. These names (as well as the female ones) are rather cool and interesting, especially Spartacus. I’ve always considered using the name for a character but I always had such a strong association with Spartacus from history (especially since I’ve seen the Starz series about him). I’m always interested in names and these are all interesting and unusual ones.

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      1. Maybe it’s because Maximus and Leonidas seem a little more familiar? Max and Leon/Leo are easy nickname while Spartacus isn’t so very nickname friendly- while Spar is easy to shorten to it’s not exactly as nice as the full name.


      2. That’s definitely possible. Artie and Ace might make decent nicknames, but those aren’t necessarily intuitive.
        Another distinct possibility is that the viewership for Spartacus as a television show is much smaller than the fandoms for Gladiator and 300. Of course, the movie Spartacus is a classic, but that had no effects whatsoever on naming…which brings us back to the question of nickname feasibility.


  2. Our we lad is called Zebedee, in 2015, from a small country. Like to think he will be the only lad with that name for that said year. Nick names we hope he will have are Zebbie, Z-man and Zeb.

    Most people are like ” oh that’s a interesting name ” some just look a bit shocked. They’ll never forget it though.

    Names hold power and the ability to go un-forgot will hold him well, people might have a go at him for his name as he grows but I have a normal name and was bullied for that !
    So it doesn’t really matter in my opinion, kids will be kids.

    Any way don’t anyone else name there little one Zebedee :p I joke of course, great name for hopefully greater people.

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