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Cute Nicknames for Ancient Greek Names (Girls)

In past years most mythological names have probably been too daunting for consideration by parents.  However, seemingly since Gladiator came out and popularized the name Maximus, Ancient Greek and Roman names have become incredibly trendy.  While not all have hit the American top 1000, many are at least rising in usage or even coming into modern usage for the first time.  A few are skyrocketing in popularity – Penelope, Luna, and Aurora come most easily to mind.  Then I think of Ariadne, which entered the top 1000 in 2014 for the first time ever.  For more information about name popularity, you can look here:

Being a lover of mythological names myself, and bearing in mind that these names are becoming as popular as they are, I decided to brainstorm some nicknames for a few of the potentially more “daunting” or unusual ones.

Hermione: Mia, Maia, Ione, Hera, Erin, Mione

Ariadne: Aria, Addie, Ria, Rhea, Ari

Calliope: Callie, Calla, Cal, Allie, Cai, Cappie

Andromeda: Andie, Meda, Andrea, Edie, Romie, Annie

Iphigenia: Effie, Genie, Eppie, Iphie

Melaina: Lainey, Mel, Elaine

Persephone: Perri, Sephie

Aglaia: Aggie

Charis: Carrie

Briseis: Brie

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